To buy a used car is a good deal:

One of the great advantages of buying a second hand or used car for salein Dubai is of course the fact that you can buy at even a more reasonable and affordable price. Moreover, ‘buyers beware’! if you have decided to venture into buying a used car for sale in Dubai, there are a number of things that you keep in mind to make sure that you are in fact, getting a good deal.

The possible risks:

It is recommended that you at least do your due diligence, especially if you are buying used car for sale in Dubai directly from a seller either online or through a classified ad in the newspaper.

The following are the possible risks associated with buying a used car in Dubai.

-Lack of proper inspections of car and complete security checks.

-Absence of valid authorized certificates and documentation.

-Mileage of the car need to be adjusted manually.

-Previously deployed air bags of used car.

-There is no such guarantee available that the car has not been written off due by an insurance company.

-Lack of credible service history of second hand cars.

-No extended warranty.

– There is possibility that you will pay a higher interest rate on loan.

-Also there is no guarantee available that all fines associated with the car have been cleared.

Checklist to remember:

If you do choose to buy a used car for sale in Dubai directly from a seller and not an authorized dealer, you must use the following checklist to help ensure you can easily protect yourself against a fraudulent deal:

-Have a used car undergo and inspection by a dealership or garage to ensure the safety of used car and also its roadworthiness-If the car’s registration has been already expired get a certificate of roadworthiness.

-Don’t give the money to the seller of car before registering the used car under your name.

-Ensure the seller is present when you actually go to register your used car.

-Also check that all the outstanding fines have been paid for completely. You can basically also do this online on Dubai Police Website.

-Ensure that car’s registration has not elapsed two years or even more than this (in such kind of cases like The Road and Traffic Authority can decide to write off the car).

Where can you buy a used car for sale in Dubai?

From authorized dealers:

Buying a second hand car from an authorized dealership is highly recommended in Dubai. Cars for sale are often in great condition, under five years old and also come with a 12-month full warranty, giving you basically piece of mind you would normally have if you buy a brand new trendy car of latest model.

It is widely believed that buying a second hand car from an authorized dealership in Dubai is more expensive however; some say this is just a myth. Either way, it is totally up to you to weight weigh up the pros and cons, but know that you are quite better protected against fraudulent dealings if you buy a used car from an authorized dealership.

Well known dealerships in Dubai include:

-Al Futtaim Motors Auto Mall

-Nissan dealership

-Elite Cars

Used car for sale in Dubai souk/market:

There is a used car for sale complex in Al Aweer (Al Awir) which is especially a market place for used cars in Dubai, where you can easily find a vast collection of second hand cars for sale by dealers. The complex is actually licensed by Dubai municipality, providing a level of protection for buyers from illegitimate dealers or sellers. Nevertheless, it is best to always exercise caution even also in this setting. On the other hand, in addition to the dealers, you can also find banks, auto insurance companies, used cars testing and inspection services as well as a car auction facility and used car testing driving courses at the used car souk.

Available websites:

In Dubai’s poorly regulated online market for second hand or used cars, always remember the “buyers beware’’ rule. It’s quite easy to get drawn into a deal that actually does not benefit you when you buy directly that used car from a seller. Make sure that you go through the checklist provided above so that you are protected against the risks.

Useful websites in general include:



-Auto Trader UAE

In addition to these online websites, many workplaces and/or communities tend to have dedicated buy and sell pages on social media platforms such as Facebook. You just need to do a quick search for your community and see what happens next.

Newspapers containing classified ads:

Newspapers also contain offline classified ads where you can easily find second hand or used car for sale in Dubai. Newspapers containing classified ads includes Khaleej Times and Gulf News.

This is a thorough guideline which you can follow whenever you are about to buy a used car in Dubai. Crazycarcorner is best platform where you can sell your used car within 30 minutes, make a call. We will contact you personally to inspect your car.