There’s a saying that goes one thing like this “your asphalt shouldn’t be sealcoated as a result of it must breath”. I can not inform you what number of occasions I heard this misinformed opinion in my travels as an asphalt upkeep contractor асфальтирование.

To the “nay sayers” profit, I’ll acknowledge that there’s some reality to the assertion above. New asphalt shouldn’t be sealcoated within the first 90 days to six months. The reason being as a result of new asphalt goes by means of a curing section by which chemical compounds are launched from the asphalt. A inform story signal that asphalt remains to be going by means of this section is that there needs to be a rainbowish hue to water when the asphalt is moist. That is the water and the chemical compounds nonetheless mixing.

After the curing course of has accomplished, it’s time to sealcoat your asphalt. If asphalt is just not sealed it would oxidize and start to fade. Have you ever ever seen how the colour of latest asphalt adjustments from black to brown to gray to white? My pal, that is the direct results of solar gentle, water, and different exterior circumstances.

Solely sealcoating will defend your asphalt from the degradation brought on by oxidation. If asphalt turns into oxidized it now loses a few of its’ flexibility properties, which may end up in cracking. One other main good thing about sealcoating is the safety from gasoline and oil. Sadly, gasoline, oil and the chemical compounds within the asphalt binder (holds the stone collectively) are all petroleum primarily based merchandise. Why ought to that matter? Effectively, being that these are from the identical supply within the earth, they’ve a pure tendency to bond collectively. The results of this bonding is the oil and gasoline deteriorates the asphalt binder. As soon as the asphalt binder is deteriorated that stone begins to launch from the floor. Subsequent time you go to a extremely populated parking zone, take a discover to the situation of the asphalt that has been closely dirty with oil.

So the following time somebody tells you that you just should not sealcoat your asphalt, please level them to this text at In the event that they select to disregard you, allow them to cope with the excessive price of changing their asphalt or paying extra for crack restore.