Revanche, written and directed by Götz Spielmann, is Austria’s most profitable movie of 2008 and a contender for the Oscar nomination. It’s simple to see why. Johannes Krisch is fabulous as Alex, the peasant brute with a damaged coronary heart and an uncontrollable intercourse drive. Andreas Lust is excellent as properly, as Robert, Alex’s police officer nemesis. Caught within the center is Ursula Strauss, who performs Susanne, Robert’s spouse.

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The story begins out within the squalid world of Viennese prostitution, at a cheesy brothel on the periphery. Alex works for the native prostitution boss and he has fallen in love with one of many Japanese European streetwalkers, Tamara, performed by Irina Potapenko. When Tamara is recruited for a promotion to call-girl, she decides as a substitute to run away with Alex. Right here the story strikes to the countryside the place Alex’s father lives in a depressing cabin on the outskirts of recent Austrian society. But when the encircling change into less complicated, the interplay doesn’t, as Alex turns into entangled within the lives of the small city police workplace and his spouse.

The movie is satisfying on many ranges. It’s a veritable ethnographic examine of the interface between post-modern Central European human trafficking and pre-industrial Austrian bauern tradition. Alex and his father communicate to one another in what has been described to me as a wealthy and genuine peasant dialect hardly ever represented in movie. Not solely does it look and sound genuine, however the story makes good sense, too. And that is saying quite a bit for a European “written and directed by” movie, the place narrative logic would not typically get greater than cursory consideration. The title “revanche” has a double that means in German, each revenge and a return match or a second likelihood, and plainly each of those concepts are being developed all through the story, as characters juggle their must get even with their need to safe their very own futures. The tragic penalties of their each motion lead them additional and additional down a path not of their very own selecting. We get a style of this sense of predestination when the digital camera stops nonetheless at a forested level within the highway, a spot that can tackle deadly significance later within the story. But, if destiny controls the characters’ destinies, it’s the power of willpower that can resolve who survives and who will fade into insignificance.